Obedience Update 05.01.21.

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Obedience – updates

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Hi All – as you probably guessed, we don’t yet know what’s going to happen in January due to the further ever changing recent announcements. I think the restrictions will still be very high which might make indoor training impossible and only limited outdoor training – if at all! January and February are not usually the kindest of months for weather either! πŸ˜‰ Therefore, I will post any further updates regarding the scheduled new courses and our ongoing training, if you are interested, in the New Year. Please post any questions on our FB page or email – and we will try and get back to you over the Xmas period. In the meantime, we hope you all have a very safe, and as festive a Christmas as you can. Give your dogs a hug and treat from us! (at least we don’t have to wear a mask to do that! πŸ˜‰ ) Take care, Gill and the team at SOATC.

Obedience COVID updates

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OBEDIENCE UPDATE – Due to the current COVID-19 crisis/lockdown and now Tier 3 for our area, we are continuing to comply to the current Government and Kennel Club restrictions and guidelines. All current classes were suspended in person due to the latest lockdown, with individual class Facebook groups set up to assist those on current courses. We will be posting further updates shortly on each of your FB group pages with options to complete your course.
NEW COURSES:- New courses were due to start mid-December, however due to the latest situation, this has had to be delayed until mid-January 2021 (exact date TBC). This will be reviewed again in the New Year depending on the situation at that time. I will contact all those that had requested a definite place in December to advise on your options also. Any new members wanting to join would go onto a waiting list, however please note most classes for the New Year are already near the maximum numbers.
We apologies for the ongoing disruption and delayed starts, but hope you appreciate the difficult times we are in. We will continue to support you in whatever way we can. Thank you.

Obedience updates

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Obedience classes – COVID update
Due to the recent announcement regarding the upcoming lockdown, all current classes are postponed until December – TBC depending on restrictions as and when we come out of lockdown.
Therefore, this will mean that any new groups may be delayed until January – again we will post further updates as and when things change.
For our current classes, we would like to continue to support you in your training and carry on with the brilliant work you have already started. We are looking into setting up individual Facebook groups for each class where we will upload videos of work just done and how to carry on with your next few weeks specific training. We will also upload info sheets and be there if you have any questions or wish to upload your own videos for comments. If possible, we may also try Zoom sessions if needed (if I can figure that one out!) Would this be of interest to you all to keep you going for now? If so, please just send a Yes or Thumbs up message back – and over the next few days I can add you to your groups😊
For new members on the waiting list, we will still keep the original April Puppy/Foundation Page open with plenty of videos and sheets to get you started😊
Crazy year – lots of stopping, starting, waiting and delays. As long as everyone keeps safe and healthy – and we will try and do all we can to support you in your dogs learning😊

Obedience 31st Oct Classes and venues

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Puppy 09.15 – 10.00
Foundation 10.15 – 11.00
Puppy Advanced 11.15 – 12.00
Bronze 12.15 – 1.10pm

FOXHILLS FIELD – AS SCHEDULE (Now their week 3 class)
Foundation Advanced 10.30 – 11.15
Gold 11.30 – 12.30

Obedience – further update

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Obedience Further update, just heard we can use Messingham Village Hall for tomorrow as normal! Yay! We are still seeking further clarification for next week – but for tomorrow, times/classes as per the schedule. Hope that’s OK with everyone – see you there tomorrow:) Caroline’s classes will remain at Foxhills as per their schedule.

Obedience – updates

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Obedience – 31st October
Update after Tier 2 level is introduced in our area from tomorrow.
At present, we cannot use Messingham Village Hall tomorrow (in discussions), therefore would all 4 groups that were scheduled to go there, be Ok to go back to Foxhills Training Field at the previous times you had for the first few weeks? However, the weather forecast is due to be windy with showers later on in the morning. The first group can use our hut if need be, but after that there will be limited use of the hut. Therefore, I will post again later tonight or first thing in the morning to confirm all classes are still on – but at Foxhills only! Ongoing situation, so I will keep you informed.
Thank you

Obedience – Messingham

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Obedience 24th October – reminder some groups are now switching to Messingham Village Hall from this week. This Saturday will be Week 4 for the following classes as per schedule – please note times:-
Puppy – 1st class 9.15am – 10.00am
Puppy – 2nd class 10.15am – 11.00am
Puppy Advanced 11.15am – 12 noon
Silver Class 12.15 – 13.10pm
Foundation Advanced and Gold class will remain at Foxhills as per schedule – times remain the same. The hut will now be fully available for these classes if need be πŸ™‚
For Messingham Village Hall, the address is Off Orchard Close, from Wendover Road, Messingham DN17 3SN. Basically, you take the turning before the row of shops and then approx. 50 yards, turn right into the car park (the car park has now been extended since the google map image so there is plenty of room). Please make sure you read your COVID guidelines and follow the Halls own guidelines upon arrival. Your trainer will meet you and show you to your designated area in the Hall. Sanitizer and wipes will be available. Please remember there is no Poo bin on this site – the nearest one is at the Co-op down the road – please take your poo bags with you! . Please maintain social distancing, keep safe but have some fun 😊

Obedience update 17th Oct

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Obedience Saturday 17th October – will be on at Foxhills Training Field as scheduled for those that were planned for 17thOctober (i.e. those groups that missed 3rd due to Travellers on site). This will now be your week 2 of training. Times etc stay the same. Please continue to maintain social distance and hand hygiene and look forward to having some fun with your four legged pals 😊

Obedience 10th October

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Obedience 10th October – update. Just to confirm that the travelllers have indeed left Foxhills Field and the car park and surrounding area has been cleaned out really well by the council already πŸ™‚ I popped up there today and was pretty amazed actually, from what I could see walking around it looks good! So, training will definitely be back on this weekend:) For now, we are looking at training at Foxhills as normal, however we have Messingham Village Hall on standby just in case anything happens with the gate access – or weather forecast! I will update again tomorrow. Please note, the groups for this Saturday are the ones that were always planned for the 10th October so as not to cause confusion or having to change everyones schedule. Therefore, those that missed their session on the 3rd, you will be back training on the 17th as your next date – and we will add a date on at the end (probably 6th Dec) . Thanks for your patience and look forward to getting back at it πŸ™‚