Obedience classes July/August

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** Update – Obedience Classes. Hopefully all those that requested their names be added to the new temporary venue Training classes have now been contacted with dates and times offered. All classes were filled to the max with a waiting list in case anyone drops out. Thank you to those who have responded already confirming their place, for anyone who hasn’t replied to my PM, can you please let me know tomorrow one way or another. As restrictions ease from the Government and the Kennel Club, we will make further announcements about additional classes if poss and future dates. Any queries, just let me know. Thank you **

Obedience classes update

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UPDATE – Obedience classes have the Green light for Go! Yay! Restricted obedience classes will start to resume from Saturday 4th July, offering alternate weeks for groups with restricted numbers at a new temporary address. For those that have responded to my earlier post regarding a place, I will PM/email you over the next couple of days to confirm the dates, times and address of your particular class. Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate all as yet – this may change over the next few weeks, but I will contact everyone to advise. I will also send each person the full COVID-19 information sheet and direction details. More to follow….. Thank you for your patience.

Obedience classes – UPDATE

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Obedience Members – we may have some exciting news this week. As you already know, classes have been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. As restrictions have started to ease, we are looking at ways to re-introduce classes in person. Safety is paramount and we have to ensure we work within Government guidelines about social distancing, but also the Kennel Clubs stance on allowing only 1 class of 6 maximum people at any one time in a training class. Furthermore, training can only take place on Private land, not Public which is also an issue where we train on Foxhills Field. However, the Committee can confirm that we are hoping to secure a lovely temporary private outdoor area near Scotter to resume some classes on a Saturday morning at the beginning of July (TBC). This is great news, however there will be a lot of restrictions. Due to the numbers we had already in our classes and those booked on to join in April and May, it will more than likely mean we have to alternate classes on a 2 weekly cycle to allow most of our members some time in a class. Also, it would mean only one person of the household can attend with their dog – max 5 in the class plus the trainer. Therefore, whilst we make final preparations, I need to obtain a confirmed list of those that would like to attend classes on the new area near Scotter during July and probably August. Those that are at high risk are advised not to attend, and obviously anyone with symptoms or have been around someone infected will NOT be allowed to attend. We will be doing a full risk assessment before classes resume. Furthermore, due to number restrictions, I will continue to upload videos and info sheets on the Puppy/Foundation Facebook page for ongoing training for those that don’t want or cannot attend in person.
Only for those wishing to attend, can you please email me on gill.charles13@btinternet.com this week – or comment on our Facebook page, your full name, dogs name, what class you were in or due to be in and the current age of your dog, so that we can compile a comprehensive list and arrange classes to suit. I do have the register and waiting list so that I can check people off there. This may take a few days to sort, so please don’t worry if you haven’t heard back from me direct – we will post again shortly with more details, and all members will be given full information regarding safety, social distancing, PPE, etc.
Please bear with us whilst we sort out all the details – your patience is appreciated! 😊


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Re-opening of classes. We are due to have an on-line committee meeting on 10th June to discuss the way forward as restrictions ease. As our training area is on council property there are many things to consider and do before we can proceed to open up, and to err on the side of caution for health and safety reasons, it will probably be the end of June/beginning of July before we open up properly again – but still with a lot of restrictions. Please keep an eye on future posts for more information. In the meantime, we will continue to upload videos and information sheets on the Facebook page link to new pups and new adults that were due to start with us, or would like to start in the next couple of weeks. Thank you for your patience and Keep Safe

Obedience Update – New members

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Obedience Update – New members.

Due to the continuing Coronavirus lockdown, as expected all new classes due to start in April have been postponed.

As we do not know yet when the lockdown will lift for dog training clubs, we are setting up a New group on the SOATC Facebook page called ‘SOATC April Puppy/Foundation Class’ and I will be inviting all new members that had booked onto the April courses for both Puppy and Foundation, as well as the Puppy and Foundation class that had only just started before lockdown began, to join the group.

In there, we will be uploading videos and documents covering all the ‘basics’ that we teach in both classes, as well as looking at life skills, tricks, canine enrichment, answering trouble shooting questions and so on.

Hopefully this Group will enable us to continue with your dogs learning skills over the next few weeks until we can all get together again to play. This group should be up and running in the next couple of days and I will post again shortly to advise.

In the meantime, stay safe and have fun with your dogs:)

Obedience – Coronavirus Update 27.03.2020

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Firstly, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well – and hopefully not going too crazy being at home. My dogs are a bit confused at sooo much home time, but thoroughly enjoying doing different things. Hope yours are too. We will continue to post little training videos on our Facebook page if anyone wants to keep up with their training. Remember, there are usually several ways to achieve what you want to do, not everything in set in stone – but as long as it is motivational, rewarding and safe for you and your dog – have some fun Please note, all videos that are posted by either the trainers or any members will automatically transfer into the ‘Video’ section along the side of the Facebook page – making it easier to find Please, however, if you are trying new things, make sure it is suitable for the age, size and breed type of your dog. For example, don’t ask young dogs to do agility jumps – keep poles on the ground or at lowest height depending on age and size of your dog. Also be careful not to do too much ball throwing just because you are in a restricted exercise area. You can potentially do damage to your dog if they are jumping, twisting or skidding after balls or Frisbees if not done correctly or in excess. So please be careful whilst having as much fun as possible
We are also planning to do something over the next week or so (setting up a new starters group) for all the new pups and Foundation dogs that had just started – and those that had confirmed a place on the April courses. We can then go a bit more in-depth on things you can be working on with your own dogs, as well as all the fun stuff and canine enrichment ideas that will help keep them entertained. If you are not on Facebook, or cannot get onto our Facebook page, please email me on gill.charles13@btinternet.com and we will try and sort something out for you.
It looks like we will be on lockdown for a few more weeks yet – we’ve really no idea on what may happen in the coming weeks, so please – keep safe, keep smiling, and keep having fun with your dogs in the safest way possible. Thank you & Take Care.

Obedience Coronavirus update

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Obedience – Coronavirus Update 20.03.2020.

Thank you all for your posts and comments, and further to our Committee Meeting last night we have decided it is in the best interests of everyone if we postpone Obedience Training for the next couple of weeks at least. Therefore, there will be no training 21st & 28th March and we will re-assess going forward, depending on information being given under government guidelines.

It’s very sad and disappointing as Spring is just arriving and we love getting the chance to meet and play with your puppies and dogs, but am sure you will understand why we are taking this course of action. Classes may be postponed for a longer period, therefore we are hoping to post some videos of things you can teach your dogs in the safety of your own home and garden, and will update you further over the next couple of days.

We think it would also be lovely if you post your own videos or updates on what your dog is learning and how much fun you can come up with your dog to keep you smiling.

During the next couple of weeks, the trainers and club will also be looking at how we can offer safe, restricted outdoor classes in the future if at all possible.

On a personal note, I know and fully appreciate everyone is going through a very difficult time, which can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression. Dogs are usually very in tune with their owners and are quick to pick up on changes in mood and tension. I hope that they can be of some comfort to you all and you can continue to enjoy some quality time together doing the simple things. The love, loyalty, comfort and companionship of your dog knows no bounds (and at least you can give your dog a hug and a kiss! 😉 ). Take care everyone and we will post again in the next day or so.

Obedience – Coronavirus update

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Obedience – update re: Coronavirus. We will be holding a Committee Meeting this evening where on-going training and Public safety will be high on the agenda. At present, we are looking at 2 options – HOWEVER, this could change by tomorrow as the situation progresses and we receive further updates. I have contacted the Obedience trainers who are all well – and happy with either option below, so am looking for a general consensus from our Obedience members:

Option A – Cancel the next 2 weekends of Obedience classes and keep reviewing as the Coronavirus situation progresses. However, will offer re-cap on training already covered, advise, support and if possible some video training through the Facebook page and SOATC website – so that you can keep practising at home .

Option B. – Offer restricted classes- allowing for additional safety features, i.e – Only outdoor training on the field (no indoor hut training at all). Coned markers set 5 metres apart for people to work in their own section with their own dogs (please limit numbers of family members that you bring along with you if you can). Members to bring their own mats, toys and treats. Any items the club/trainer uses, i.e. chairs, long lines, etc will be washed or wiped with antiseptic wipes, before, during and after class. People encouraged to wash their hands, before and after and gloves are also encouraged to be worn if need be. HOWEVER, if anyone is in the ‘at risk’ category, is showing any kind of symptom, or has been anywhere near someone recently with symptoms , you must NOT attend, thank you.

* As mentioned, this could all change rapidly, but would be good if you can either email me A or B – or post on our Facebook page please. I know some indoor clubs are cancelling but some outdoor ones are offering similar to option B. Any queries, or concerns, again please PM me. I will then post again tomorrow with confirmation. Keep safe and take care….


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Obedience 14th March. Just to keep you informed, all classes will be on as normal tomorrow. However, due to the ongoing Coronavirus issue, we are asking all members to follow the government guidelines, be extra vigilant in washing of hands, and if you have any symptoms, please, please stay away from classes. There appears to be a shortage on hand sanitisers (I have tried!)…. but we do have wash facilities at the club. Please be sensible and considerate of others and if you feel you do not want to attend or are in the ‘at risk’ group, please pm me directly. As I am a dog owner, I am usually covered in bacteria……. but we must take this seriously and make sure we keep everyone safe. Can I kindly ask that people refrain from commenting directly about this virus (funny or otherwise) on this group as we are not a political or health based group and do not want to start a thread of if’s, what’s and why’s. Thank you for your consideration as always.

Obedience 7th March

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New classes – New pups at 09.30am, New Foundation at 10.30am Both classes completely full for those that have confirmed a place only. Please arrive 5-10 mins early – and remember to bring along vaccination cards, tasty treats and a sense of humour! 🙂 All – please dress for the weather – good footwear and warm clothing.

Existing classes: Week 6 pups recently completed – move into Puppy Advanced at 11.30am – 12.15

Puppy Advanced completed – go into Foundation Advanced at 10.30 – 11.30

Foundation completed – move into Foundation Advanced at 10.30-11.30

** Unfortunately those that were in Foundation Advanced with Marie at 10.30 – that are planning on continuing, working towards their KC Bronze and Silver Awards – you will have a few weeks off I’m afraid, as the current Brz/Silver group is full until we get the tests completed. We will post and let you know when we can offer you a new course. If you didn’t collect your Certificate, you are welcome to pop up next week and collect one, or pm me if you want one posting.

Bronze/Silver group – as is (reduction in fees for this next course due to recent cancelled ‘weather’ weeks’ – £10 instead of £15)

Gold group – as normal 11.30am – 12.30

** Please arrive 5 mins early to book into your new classes – the new course for existing members will be £15.00. Any queries, please leave a message or email me, or your trainer, thank you