Obedience dates

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Obedience – reminders and dates:

7th December – all training classes back as normal

14th December – all classes as normal – INCLUDING the ‘week6 top up’ group that had recently finished (10.30am with Faye)

21st December – ALL classes will start at the same time (10.30am approx. TBC) for a quick training session – then the Obedience Xmas Party – dog games, small buffet, tombola stall and Santa Paws pressie for all

BREAK FOR XMAS AND NEW YEAR – new classes start scheduled to start back on 18th January 2020.
Will post more details soon……

Obedience 30th Nov

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Reminder – Obedience. There are NO training classes at all tomorrow (30th) as per schedule. Shame as it was due to be dry for once – but bloomin nippy! Keep practising and see you all next week as normal. 🙂

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UPDATE* Puppy classes on as normal tomorrow – but all Adult outdoor classes will now be on Sunday this week. Foundation, Foundation Advanced, Brz|Silver 10am am start please…… Gold 11am start thank you * Obedience 23rd Nov – Weather warning – looks like rain again! The forecasters are predicting rain most of tomorrow, therefore I just want to check if any of the adult outdoor classes could do Sunday Morning – but at 10am – 11am instead? My Foundation group, and the Brz/Silver in particular. I am just waiting on Marie to see about the Foundation Advanced group. However, the puppy classes will still be on as normal tomorrow (so that’s the 09.30am class with Maggie and myself, 10.30am group with Faye, and the Puppy Advanced group at 11.30 with Faye) If you can please post a message on here if you can – and what class you are normally in. I’ll then confirm later on tonight if the forecast stays the same. Thanks


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Thursday 21st November 2019 At HESLAM PARK

(Ashby Road DN16 2AG Main Event Room)

7pm – 9.30pm approx

Fun evening for all our members (sorry – only human members!)

Lovely Buffet included AGM, Buffet, Quiz, Bingo etc –please arrive by 7pm latest thank you!

Come along fro a couple of hours and find out more about your club and have some social fun and games

Tug-tastic, Aromesse & Xmas/Birthday cards there for sale. Look forward to seeing you all there:)

Obedience new course dates 9th Nov

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Obedience – new course dates starting this Saturday:


Week 1 Saturday 9th November

Week 2 Saturday 16th November

Week 3 Saturday 23rd November


Week 4 Saturday 7th December

Week 5 Saturday 14th December

Week 6 Saturday 21st December


* This Puppy Class only 09.30 – 10.15am

Foundation Class – 10.30 – 11.30am

All Vaccination cards required on Week 1

** Please check the Clubs website on the ‘’Blog’ link at the top of the website, or on our Facebook page prior to classes each week for any changes or cancellations thank you **

Existing classes:

Week 6 pups recently completed – move into Puppy Advanced at 11.30am – 12.15

Puppy Advanced completed – go into Foundation Advanced at 10.30 – 11.30

Foundation completed – move into Foundation Advanced at 10.30-11.30

Those in Foundation Advanced that are planning on working towards their KC Bronze and Silver Awards – stay at 10.30am, but in the Brz/Silver Group

Gold group – as normal 11.30am – 12.30

** Please arrive 5 mins early to book into your new classes – the new course for existing members will be £15.00.

Reminder – due to winter weather, please keep an eye on our Facebook Page or our SOATC website Blog link for any last minute changes, thank you. Any queries, please leave a message or email me, or your trainer. . Please note, we do not always check all messages daily, therefore your patience is appreciated.

Obedience 26.10

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UPDATE – all 3 puppy classes will be on today – but all Adult outdoor classes will be on tomorrow at their normal times. Thanks
Obedience Update for 26th Oct
Weather forecast is looking horrible to say the least – so, the ‘Adult’ Outdoor classes will be cancelled tomorrow. HOWEVER, I am offering my 10.30 Foundation Adult class a session on Sunday morning instead (same time 10.30) if that’s OK with those people? Just let me know. I’m also waiting to hear from Marie to see if she can offer the same for Foundation Adv – and Caroline for Brz/Silver. Gold can come as normal at 11.30 on Sunday if you want  The 3 puppy classes should still be on tomorrow as they can use the hut if weather is too bad (09.30am with Shirley, 10.30am with Faye and 11.30am with Dee). But please keep an eye on all updated posts thanks.

Reminder – Obedience

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Obedience – Saturday 19th October
Reminder – there is no Official training this Saturday as the hut will be out of use.
Therefore, as scheduled there are no Puppy classes – 09.30am with Shirley, 10.30am with Faye and the 11.30am Puppy Advanced with Dee.

However, we will be having the following classes this Saturday to play catch up on the week they missed due to bad weather:
Foundation with Gill 10.30am
Foundation Advanced with Marie 10.30am
Bronze/Silver with Caroline 10.30am
Gold as usual 11.30am
PLUS – if any of the recent week 6 pups that finished with Dee the other week want a top up session before they join Puppy Advanced in November, please come along at 11.30 am this Saturday for a half hour session with me

Next week will be back to normal hopefully