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Reminder – no Obedience training at all this weeked for any classes. It’s the SOATC Champs Agility Show at Winterton Showground all weekend. I would just like to say ‘Good Luck’ to all the competitors, and a huge thank you to our members for helping out at the show – just need the sun to shine a bit and we’ll have a great time as we always do. Hard work, but a great weekend spent with lovely people and their gorgeous dogs. Obedience will be back on next week (20th) as normal. If anyone wants to post any queries this weekend, just bear in mind we may be a bit busy and will get back to you asap! 🙂


Obedience – new course * FULL*

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Week 1 Saturday 30th March

Week 2 Saturday 6th April

** Please note NO training on 13th April – due to SOATC Champs Agility show at Winterton showground all weekend **

Week 3 Saturday 20th April

Week 4 Saturday 27th April

Week 5 Saturday 4th May

Week 6 Saturday 11th May

This Puppy Class only 09.30 – 10.15am

Foundation Adult Class – 10.30 – 11.30 am

All Vaccination cards required on Week 1

** Please check the Clubs website on the ‘’Blog’ link at the top of the website, or on our Facebook page prior to classes each week for any changes or cancellations thank you **

New members – please arrive 10-15 minutes early to enrol.


Existing classes:

Completed initial week 6 pups now go into Puppy Advanced at 11.30am

Completed Puppy Advanced group go into Foundation advanced at 10.30am (if unsure – please message on here for Dee to advise)

Completed Foundation Adults go into Foundation Advanced at 10.30am

Completed Foundation Advanced group go into Bronze/Silver at 11.30am (this group will be split into 2)

Gold – 11.30am

Can all existing members please give plenty of space around the hut area for any new members who are attending and trying to enrol. Remember some dogs need space and can be quite excited on their first week!  Please keep all your dogs on lead as you come to class thank you. Existing members can re-enrol outside where a table will be set up away from the hut for you to book into the correct courses.

See you Saturday 🙂


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OBEDIENCE CLASSES – IMPORTANT UPDATES. There are a few changes to some classes and how we structure the puppy and Foundation classes in particular – more details will follow very shortly. New dates for the 30th will also be posted, and I think those classes are now full. BRONZE/SILVER CLASS – would everyone in this class be able to move to 11.30am start time (not 10.30am) – starting with immedate effect this week (23rd March). You will be on at the same time as Gold classes with either Faye and or Caroline taking you. If anyone has any queries, can you please pm me. Thanks

Obedience 16th March

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Obedience 16th March – due to the terrible weather forecast for tomorrow we have made the decision to cancel classes except for the following two:

09.30AM PUPS

10.30AM PUPS (Week 2)

Sorry but all others will be cancelled including the puppy advanced and the top up puppy class as they would have all been outside this week (Hut in use from 11.30am). For the top up pup group – the next course for you now wil be Saturday 30th March when you go into Puppy Advanced. Any queries, just message us. Sorry about this – but we tried last week when it was supposed to be a bit drier and it was dreadful. Am sure no owners or dogs will get any benefit from training in that! So see the 2 pup groups tomorrow and the rest of you – keep practising 🙂

9th March Obedience

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Reminder – Obedience 9th March. New pups due to start at 10.30 am, please book in 10 minutes before. Due to numbers on this course due to the delayed start date, we may split the class into two groups and the older pups in particular may train on the field outside. Just checking the weather, it looks a wee bit windy. Please keep an eye on all updates – and dress for the ground and weather conditions.

For the ‘Top up pup group’ just finished, this class is due to start at 11.30am tomorrow – then you guys will have a break until 30th March for Puppy Advanced.

Responsibility reminder – as new pups are coming on the field tomorrow, can all the other dogs that may be there (adults and pups) please avoid the area directly outside and in front of the hut so that we give our newcomers enough space to feel welcome 🙂 Thank you


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Obedience 16th Feb – reminder new puppy class starts at 9.30am for those that have pre-booked onto the course (please arrive 10 mins early to enrol thank you ) – Welcome! 🙂 Those that have just finished Shirleys 6 week puppy course join the Puppy Advanced at 11.30am with Dee. And those that finished the Puppy Advanced, join Maries Foundation Advanced at 10.30am. All other classes as they were. The next new puppy class will now be 9th March at 10.30am (not 2nd March) due to a weeks delay. Any of those that enquired for that course will need to confirm a place asap as it will be restricted numbers. Thank you 🙂

Obedience – adult classes 9.2.19

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Obedience – Adult dogs, classes will still be on today. Although the wind may restrict us a bit, we can hopefully get some training done. Dress for the breeze!