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Obedience 24th March – all training back on as normal , including the week 6 puppy top-up group (hopefully the weather is going to stay OK this week!) We have added this extra week to this current course due to snow cancellations but it still means that some of you have missed a week or two, so will offer a reduction in the next course fees for those wanting to carry on when the new courses start next week (31st). For those not wanting to go onto the next courses, please PM me. I will be posting new course dates and details tomorrow πŸ™‚


Obedience 17th March – Cancelled

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Obedience 17th March….. cancelled. Revision from my earlier post about trying to do the catch up classes this week due to recent bad weather. Well it looks like we are going to be hit again…… rain tomorrow, sleet and snow into Saturday morning – and very, very strong winds, so being out on that field might not be too pleasant! Therefore we will have to cancel this week and play catch up next week (24th). I can’t remember having such a long run of bad weather disrupting classes as over the last 4-5 weeks – just hope Spring arrives soon! New classes will still start on 31st March and dates will be posted shortly. Sorry …. and hope to see you all in the sun next week πŸ™‚

Obedience 17th March

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Obedience – 17th May. Further to my earlier post, just to clarify that although there is no official training this Saturday 17th March as per the schedule (most trainers on the Craig Ogilvie workshop), due to the recent bad weather conditions which caused cancellation or disruption to normal classes, we are trying to lay on 2 classes only at 11am. These classes are for those only that could not attend this last Saturday just gone. One class will be for puppies – the week 5, top up week 6 and puppy advanced.
The other class will be for the adults – Foundation and Foundation Advanced groups.

The classes will try and cover anything you may have missed, and practise on things that you are currently working on in your groups. This should hopefully allow everyone to be back on track for the 24th March will be the official week 6 for most of our groups. I hope this is OK for all – it is very rare we have to cancel 1 week, never mind 2, so just want to try and catch up a bit and keep the flow going with your training.
For those planning on attending this week however, please check on weather and any last minute posts… just in case!! Also, when you are on the field, can I please ask you to be aware of the workshop taking place and keep your dogs at distance and under control so as not to disrupt Craig and his classes, thank you.

All those that attended last week – hope you’ve dried out OK! Keep practising and we will see you on the 24th March – back to normal times and groups.
Many Thanks

Obedience 10th March

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Well – showers still forecast although supposed to be easing – bit of pot luck really on the weather today. Week 2 pups can go in the hut for some of the class – but most other groups would be outside for those that want to attend today. So check the weather before you set off… and I will also look at which trainers are not on the workshop next Saturday in case we can put on any classes to catch up….. if we need to. Will keep you advised.

Obedience – cancelled 3rd March

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Obedience – cancellation. Due to the weather and ground conditions at the club this week, ALL obedience training this Saturday will be cancelled 😦 And it’s bloomin fffrrreeezing!! So you can practice your 3 S’s – snowballing, sledging or snuggling! πŸ™‚ But good opportunity to try some new tricks inside maybe, look at interactive stuff you can do with your pooches – or polish up on some basic training. Keep safe – and will see you all next Saturday hopefully.

Puppy course

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Week 1 Saturday 24th February

Week 2 Saturday 3rd March

Week 3 Saturday 10th March

** Please note No Training on 17th March (Workshop at club) **

Week 4 Saturday 24th March

Week 5 Saturday 31st March

Week 6 Saturday 7th April

Puppy Classes 10.00- 10.45am
Vaccination cards required on Week 1

** Please check the Clubs website on the β€˜β€™Blog’ link at the top of the website, or on our Facebook page prior to classes each week for any changes or cancellations thank you **

** Please note that the main Club Hut will not be available on Saturday 24th Feb only, therefore for this week ALL training will take place outdoors so please dress for weather and ground conditions.

For those week 6 pups just completed, there will be no training Sat 24th Feb – but there will be a free top up week on 3rd March & poss 10th March (TBC) before you start Puppy Advanced on 24th March.

New courses for pups and adult dogs will also be available on 24th March – more dates to follow shortly.

Obedience 3rd Feb

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Weather forecast drizzle and sleet so please dress warm! New young pups can use the hut if need be but most others will be outside. If you cant make it we can play catch up next week.