Obedience updates

Obedience classes – COVID update
Due to the recent announcement regarding the upcoming lockdown, all current classes are postponed until December – TBC depending on restrictions as and when we come out of lockdown.
Therefore, this will mean that any new groups may be delayed until January – again we will post further updates as and when things change.
For our current classes, we would like to continue to support you in your training and carry on with the brilliant work you have already started. We are looking into setting up individual Facebook groups for each class where we will upload videos of work just done and how to carry on with your next few weeks specific training. We will also upload info sheets and be there if you have any questions or wish to upload your own videos for comments. If possible, we may also try Zoom sessions if needed (if I can figure that one out!) Would this be of interest to you all to keep you going for now? If so, please just send a Yes or Thumbs up message back – and over the next few days I can add you to your groups😊
For new members on the waiting list, we will still keep the original April Puppy/Foundation Page open with plenty of videos and sheets to get you started😊
Crazy year – lots of stopping, starting, waiting and delays. As long as everyone keeps safe and healthy – and we will try and do all we can to support you in your dogs learning😊

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