Obedience classes – UPDATE

Obedience Members – we may have some exciting news this week. As you already know, classes have been postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. As restrictions have started to ease, we are looking at ways to re-introduce classes in person. Safety is paramount and we have to ensure we work within Government guidelines about social distancing, but also the Kennel Clubs stance on allowing only 1 class of 6 maximum people at any one time in a training class. Furthermore, training can only take place on Private land, not Public which is also an issue where we train on Foxhills Field. However, the Committee can confirm that we are hoping to secure a lovely temporary private outdoor area near Scotter to resume some classes on a Saturday morning at the beginning of July (TBC). This is great news, however there will be a lot of restrictions. Due to the numbers we had already in our classes and those booked on to join in April and May, it will more than likely mean we have to alternate classes on a 2 weekly cycle to allow most of our members some time in a class. Also, it would mean only one person of the household can attend with their dog – max 5 in the class plus the trainer. Therefore, whilst we make final preparations, I need to obtain a confirmed list of those that would like to attend classes on the new area near Scotter during July and probably August. Those that are at high risk are advised not to attend, and obviously anyone with symptoms or have been around someone infected will NOT be allowed to attend. We will be doing a full risk assessment before classes resume. Furthermore, due to number restrictions, I will continue to upload videos and info sheets on the Puppy/Foundation Facebook page for ongoing training for those that don’t want or cannot attend in person.
Only for those wishing to attend, can you please email me on gill.charles13@btinternet.com this week – or comment on our Facebook page, your full name, dogs name, what class you were in or due to be in and the current age of your dog, so that we can compile a comprehensive list and arrange classes to suit. I do have the register and waiting list so that I can check people off there. This may take a few days to sort, so please don’t worry if you haven’t heard back from me direct – we will post again shortly with more details, and all members will be given full information regarding safety, social distancing, PPE, etc.
Please bear with us whilst we sort out all the details – your patience is appreciated! 😊

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