Obedience – Coronavirus Update 27.03.2020

Firstly, I hope everyone is keeping safe and well – and hopefully not going too crazy being at home. My dogs are a bit confused at sooo much home time, but thoroughly enjoying doing different things. Hope yours are too. We will continue to post little training videos on our Facebook page if anyone wants to keep up with their training. Remember, there are usually several ways to achieve what you want to do, not everything in set in stone – but as long as it is motivational, rewarding and safe for you and your dog – have some fun Please note, all videos that are posted by either the trainers or any members will automatically transfer into the ‘Video’ section along the side of the Facebook page – making it easier to find Please, however, if you are trying new things, make sure it is suitable for the age, size and breed type of your dog. For example, don’t ask young dogs to do agility jumps – keep poles on the ground or at lowest height depending on age and size of your dog. Also be careful not to do too much ball throwing just because you are in a restricted exercise area. You can potentially do damage to your dog if they are jumping, twisting or skidding after balls or Frisbees if not done correctly or in excess. So please be careful whilst having as much fun as possible
We are also planning to do something over the next week or so (setting up a new starters group) for all the new pups and Foundation dogs that had just started – and those that had confirmed a place on the April courses. We can then go a bit more in-depth on things you can be working on with your own dogs, as well as all the fun stuff and canine enrichment ideas that will help keep them entertained. If you are not on Facebook, or cannot get onto our Facebook page, please email me on gill.charles13@btinternet.com and we will try and sort something out for you.
It looks like we will be on lockdown for a few more weeks yet – we’ve really no idea on what may happen in the coming weeks, so please – keep safe, keep smiling, and keep having fun with your dogs in the safest way possible. Thank you & Take Care.

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