Obedience Coronavirus update

Obedience – Coronavirus Update 20.03.2020.

Thank you all for your posts and comments, and further to our Committee Meeting last night we have decided it is in the best interests of everyone if we postpone Obedience Training for the next couple of weeks at least. Therefore, there will be no training 21st & 28th March and we will re-assess going forward, depending on information being given under government guidelines.

It’s very sad and disappointing as Spring is just arriving and we love getting the chance to meet and play with your puppies and dogs, but am sure you will understand why we are taking this course of action. Classes may be postponed for a longer period, therefore we are hoping to post some videos of things you can teach your dogs in the safety of your own home and garden, and will update you further over the next couple of days.

We think it would also be lovely if you post your own videos or updates on what your dog is learning and how much fun you can come up with your dog to keep you smiling.

During the next couple of weeks, the trainers and club will also be looking at how we can offer safe, restricted outdoor classes in the future if at all possible.

On a personal note, I know and fully appreciate everyone is going through a very difficult time, which can lead to stress, anxiety and even depression. Dogs are usually very in tune with their owners and are quick to pick up on changes in mood and tension. I hope that they can be of some comfort to you all and you can continue to enjoy some quality time together doing the simple things. The love, loyalty, comfort and companionship of your dog knows no bounds (and at least you can give your dog a hug and a kiss! 😉 ). Take care everyone and we will post again in the next day or so.

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