Obedience – Coronavirus update

Obedience – update re: Coronavirus. We will be holding a Committee Meeting this evening where on-going training and Public safety will be high on the agenda. At present, we are looking at 2 options – HOWEVER, this could change by tomorrow as the situation progresses and we receive further updates. I have contacted the Obedience trainers who are all well – and happy with either option below, so am looking for a general consensus from our Obedience members:

Option A – Cancel the next 2 weekends of Obedience classes and keep reviewing as the Coronavirus situation progresses. However, will offer re-cap on training already covered, advise, support and if possible some video training through the Facebook page and SOATC website – so that you can keep practising at home .

Option B. – Offer restricted classes- allowing for additional safety features, i.e – Only outdoor training on the field (no indoor hut training at all). Coned markers set 5 metres apart for people to work in their own section with their own dogs (please limit numbers of family members that you bring along with you if you can). Members to bring their own mats, toys and treats. Any items the club/trainer uses, i.e. chairs, long lines, etc will be washed or wiped with antiseptic wipes, before, during and after class. People encouraged to wash their hands, before and after and gloves are also encouraged to be worn if need be. HOWEVER, if anyone is in the ‘at risk’ category, is showing any kind of symptom, or has been anywhere near someone recently with symptoms , you must NOT attend, thank you.

* As mentioned, this could all change rapidly, but would be good if you can either email me A or B – or post on our Facebook page please. I know some indoor clubs are cancelling but some outdoor ones are offering similar to option B. Any queries, or concerns, again please PM me. I will then post again tomorrow with confirmation. Keep safe and take care….

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