Obedience 31st Aug

Obedience – reminder this is the ‘official’ last week of training before a 2 week break (7th & 14th Sept). The only exception to this is my Adult Foundation Group and Maries Adult Foundation Advanced Group for which we will be putting a class on each on the 14th Sept due to you missing a session. Everyone else – we will see you all on the 21st Sept – and I will post the date, times and which classes you will be in next week. Also, well done to the Bronze/Silver people who took their test last week in challenging conditions. You all did very well I heard!  For those that passed the Silver and are looking to join the Gold group, can you please just remain in your current group for this week as it’s the last one of this course and then start your new sessions on 21st Sept. Any queries, ask your trainer tomorrow or post on here. Thank you  Finally, thanks for all the BEAUTIFUL puppy pics so far – WOW, there’s a lot to go through  I will be starting them over the next few weeks and should have some on the boards by the 21st – and if I may, I may use some for the photo boards on the walls 

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